About Tru Coder:

Developed apps:

  • Peelback Ad

    Add a "peelback" or "peelaway" ad to a page. This app does not use flash and is compatible with the iPad. Based on https://github.com/robflaherty/jQuery-Peelback

    Version 1.0

  • Scroll to Top

    Add a scroll to top button to your website. Three different formats, find the one that best fits your website.

    Version 1.3

  • Chosen Form Enhancements

    Chosen is a layout enhancement that makes your form boxes much more user-friendly. Instead of forcing your users to scroll through a giant list of items, they can just start typing the name of the item they were looking for. Non-matching entries are removed from view and choices can be selected using enter or mouse click. Based on: http://harvesthq.github.com/chosen/

    Version 1.0

  • AdBlock Analytics and Protector

    Measure and react to users who's browsers are using some sort of ad-blocking mechanism (adblocker). Automatically send information to Google Analytics about the number of page views with blocked advertisements. Go even further and create a barrier that forces users to remove the ad blocker to view site content. Easily customize this message. To view ad blocked visits in your Google Analytics data, add this advanced segment: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=qe10BLipT164dppekdHcZQ

    Version 2.5

  • Corner Peel Ad

    Instantly create a catchy and engaging corner peel ad on your website. Simply set the ad size and the images you want to use to create the peel ad.

    Version 1.3

  • Footer Bar

    Create a footer on your website with a subtle message and link.

    Version 1.5

  • Google Web Fonts

    Update your site with several new fonts using Google Web Fonts.

    Version 1.4