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Developed apps:

  • doNotTrack Status on Google Analytics

    Segment your users based on whether they have the doNotTrack option activated or not and send this information to your Google Analytics Account as a Custom Variable and/or Event.

    Version 1.0

  • Keyword Rank on Google Analytics (SEO)

    Get keyword rankings into your Google Analytics reports! Wouldn't it be nice to know the position of your organic keywords that the visitors to your site clicked on Google Search? With this App, you get a brand new Custom Variable report with all this data to help you build up and analyze the performance of your SEO strategy!

    Version 1.0

  • The True time on site

    Get a more precise time that your visitors spend on your site! Due to the way Google Analytics calculates total visit time, this metric sometimes get compromised in certain sites (such as blogs). Google's official documentation shows how this calculation is done: http://goo.gl/epLv2 This APP provides Google Analytics more information (through Events), and this way it's calculation becomes more precise.

    Version 1.4

  • Log JavaScript errors with GA

    Use Google Analytics to monitor JavaScript errors that occur in your visitors' browsers. Even with all the testing, it is impossible to validate all platforms and conditions, what makes it hard to guarantee that no exception occurs for your users. With this App you can accompany in which pages (and even lines) JavaScript errors occur. And with Google Analytics reports, find out the browser version and which pages the user has visited until the error. That is, besides a complete error log, this App will help you reproduce and solve them.

    Version 1.1

  • Mixpanel

    Mixpanel is a flexible realtime web analytics tool with a different perspective. It focuses it's tracking on events rather than pageviews. Watch users engage, look at trends, and compare your engagement metrics from weeks before. Mixpanel allows you to track any action that is specific to you. We believe that understanding the specific actions people take in your product is crucial to your success. Sharing, liking, watching, and purchasing are just more important than pageviews. This app contain only the call of the Mixpanel library. To implement the tracker see the official documentation: https://mixpanel.com/help/reference/tracking-an-event

    Version 1.0

  • Yahoo! Web Analytics

    Yahoo! Web Analytics is a highly customizable, enterprise-level website analytics system designed to help website businesses increase sales and visitor satisfaction, reduce marketing costs and gain new insight on online customers. http://web.analytics.yahoo.com/ To deploy this App, be SURE to first remove all the tracking code from Yahoo! Web Analytics from the pages of your website before proceeding. *this App was not developed nor are we affiliated with Yahoo!

    Version 1.0

  • Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg provides Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, Confetti and Overlay reports for the pages of your website. Simply deploy this App, enter your Crazy Egg Account Number and setup which pages you want to track on your Crazy Egg Dashboard. Soon enough you'll be collecting and analyzing data! https://www.crazyegg.com/ *be sure to remove Crazy Egg's original code from the pages of your website before deploying *this App was not developed nor are we affiliated with Crazy Egg

    Version 1.0

  • GoogleAnalytics + Google Website Optimizer

    Track the Google Website Optimizer (GWO) test variations also through the Google Analytics custom variables.

    Version 1.5

  • GoogleAnalytics + Navegg

    Integre as informações de segmentação do Navegg com as variáveis personalizadas do Google Analytics. Tenha informações sobre demografia, nível de escolaridade e assuntos de interesses cruzados com as métricas do Google Analytics. Solicite um conta para o Navegg em http://www.navegg.com/a-empresa/contato/

    Version 1.9

  • Google Analytics on Steroids

    GAS is a wrapper around the Google Analytics Tracking API from Google. It tries to add new functionality while keeping the same API. With this APP you can: - Form Tracking: Form Tracking will trigger events every time a user submits a form or changes a form field. - Max-Scroll Tracking: This will fire events with the Max-Scroll percentage value for every page the user views. - Outbound Link Tracking: This function will look for any outbound links on the current page and will trigger an event when the link is clicked. - Download Tracking: To enable Download Tracking just include the following call on your snippet. - Youtube and Vimeo Video Tracking: You can track player video events. For more information: https://github.com/CardinalPath/gas/ (documentation) http://goo.gl/x98mJ (a quick introduction) * For correct operation, you must remove the standard Google Analytics tag. =============================== O GAS implementa uma camada sobre o código do Google Analytics, adicionado novas funcionalidades e mantendo a mesma API. Com este aplicativo você terá: - Controle do preenchimento de campos e clique em botões dos formulários. - Registro da porcentagem máxima visualizada de cada página. - Monitoramento dos cliques nos links para outros sites. - Contabilização dos cliques em links para arquivos como PDF, DOC, ZIP, etc. - Registra o uso de links contendo endereços de email. - Para os vídeos incorporados no site, controle das ações de “play”, “pause” e “finish”. Para mais informações: https://github.com/CardinalPath/gas/ (documentação) http://goo.gl/KewlN (resumo sobre a bibliteca) * Para um correto funcionando, deve-se remover a tag padrão do Google Anlytics.

    Version 1.8