About Carlos Galvao:

Developed apps:

  • Botão +1 do Google

    Adicione rapidamente o botão de +1 do Google Plus em seu site. Colocando o botão do +1 você pode melhorar o SEO de seu site no Google.

    Version 1.0

  • Nota "Sticky Note"

    Adicione uma nota "sticky note" customizada em seu site. Este app permite a você adicionar um destaque em seu site. Utilize as configurações de segmentação do SiteApps para criar mensagens customizadas, como: * saudações customizadas para regiões diferentes; * avisos baseados no dia da semana ou hora do dia; * origem da visita (ex: Twitter, Facebook, etc)

    Version 1.2

  • Bellbot

    Put this app on your site (or the conversion page) and keep the browser open on the http://bellbot.com website open in any browser to hear a loud BEEP every time you have a new user. Quoting Jeff Bezos from Amazon.com: "At first, there were a half-dozen orders per day. One of the programmers set up the computers so that a bell would ring every time an order came in." To see this working live - simply visit http://bellbot.com and login with email "siteapps_bellbot@gmail.com" and password "ring", then click the "view example" button below the screenshot. Bellbot.com is made by @pud - this app simply implements this feature on your site.

    Version 1.2

  • Facebook Like

    Easily allow users to add a Facebook Like button anywhere on your website. Configure this button for a specific URL (example: articles) or for your root domain.

    Version 1.1

  • Simple Redirect

    Simple app to redirect users to a different URL or site section. Great if used with the SiteApps platform segmentation capabilities.

    Version 1.0

  • PayPal BuyNow Button

    Add a PayPal button to your site to allow users to pay for a specific product or service. This button can be either "Buy Now" or a "Donate". You can configure the product/service name and price you would like to charge for. The app also allows you to select where you would like to place the button on your site.

    Version 1.2

  • Twitter Follow Button

    Automatically include a Twitter Follow Button to your website. Also allows for native integration with Google Analytics.

    Version 1.5

  • Google +1 Floating Button

    Automatically implement Google's +1 button on pages on your website with a floating button. For more information of the +1 button please visit: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2011/03/introducing-1-button.html

    Version 1.1

  • Tweet This Button

    Automatically include a Twitter - Tweet This button to specific pages on your website. You can also specify whether the button will have a counter.

    Version 1.7

  • Floating Social Media Widget

    Create a floating widget on your website with all your social media links. Simply input the URL of the social networks you participate in and they will appear floating on your site. Currently supporting Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and RSS feeds.

    Version 1.6

  • Sticky Note

    Add sticky notes to your website with a custom message. The sticky note looks just like a post-it note.

    Version 2.9