There are over 650 million web sites out there needing your help.

Developing for the SiteApps platform is simpler than you think.

No SDK: just HTML + Javascript

You don't have to learn a new language or understand how a SDK works, simply code in Javascript (we even support jQuery!) to create apps.

One-Click install for web sites

Allow any web site to install your app without any technical knowledge. With SiteApps, any person can install an application - just like installing an app on a smartphone.

Viral marketing

SiteApps allows you to create URL shortcuts that shows your app live on any web site. This is great on getting the word out and actually showing site owners what can be done.

No more skeptical users

SiteApps is a curated marketplace and site owners will not have to worry that coders will place a naked picture on their site. We are the middle-person who makes this happen.

Live testing

Any web site can test any app live. This truly offers a "try before you buy" security that can be performed in just a few seconds.

Earn money

SiteApps allows you to charge either a one-time monthly fee for your apps. You keep 70% of all that's sold and we take care of the boring stuff such as credit card charges, etc.