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Below we have showcased how SiteApps can enhance your website to improve your visitor's experience and ultimately help you increase conversions.

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#1 - Add an easy way for your visitors to contact you.

Every SMB website should have an easy + prominent way for visitors to contact the company. SiteApps has just the right app for this:

  • Easiest way for cutomers to contact you
  • Highly customizable
  • Get technical details of bugs and technical problems
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#2 - Showcase daily deals or other specials.

Add a custom message to your static website about what's happening to your shop, restaurant or company.

  • Make your website more alive
  • Great way to call attention
  • Add segmentation features to show message on specific days
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#3 - Learn why users are leaving your website.

Do you *really* know why users are leaving your website? Did they not find what they were looking for? Or was it a technical problem? Learn how to improve your website and stop customers from leaving and buying services from a competitor.

  • Survey visitors only when they are leaving their site
  • Easy-to-answer interface, get an email every time some responds
  • Apply survey to strategic pages (such as payment form)
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#4 - Increase exposure in social media with Facebook comments.

Facebook comments lets people comment on your site using their Facebook profile and shows this activity to their friends on their profile page.

  • Easy implementation of Facebook comments
  • Make your site viral via Facebook
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#5 - Showcase promotions or special content with corner peel ad.

Corner ads are an easy way to deliver special promotional offers or messages to new and repeat customers.

  • Call attention to promotions or special deals on your site
  • Get the special attention for the special deals
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#6 - Keep users from leaving your site!

90% of your website visitors will never come back. Make sure that you do everything possible to create a memorable first visit to your website. Identify exit intent, and when users try to leave your website - present them a compelling offer.

  • Keep visitors on your site longer
  • Entirely customizable for any message or promotion
  • Easdily reduce your site's bounce rate
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#7 - Make it easy for your site visitors to get to your actual shop.

Your site may be a great asset to bring customers into your physical shop. Make it easy for visitors to see where you are located and automatically suggest the best driving route from their location to your address.

  • Show how close your shop, bar, or restaurant is to your site's visitor
  • Automatically suggest a route with Google Maps
  • Easdily reduce your site's bounce rate
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#8 - Easily fix a typo or grammatical copy error on your website.

Sometimes you need to make emergency changes to your website - such as finding a misspelled word on your site. Your content management system (CMS) may be complicated - or you cannot reach your outsourced agency or IT department.

This is something YOU should be able to fix, even with no technical knowledge.

Besides updating typos, you can change any text you wish on your site. Make your site dynamic and add dynamic headlines using this app. example video | app page

#9 - Create & host a smartphone version of your website.

Almost a third of all visits to websites are happening via a smartphone device. SiteApps will create a smartphone version of your website in under 60 seconds, automatically using your current site code. Launch this mobile compatible version to completely transform the visitor experience for users on these devices.

  • No technical knowledge necessary to make smartphone version of website
  • Uses current website for images and content
  • No changes necessary for hosting, SiteApps serves smartphone version for handheld devices automatically
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#10 - Showcase your Instagram photos directly on your website.

If you have an Instagram account with amazing photos, make sure you showcase them on your website. This is a great opportunity to increase your followers on Instagram.

The SiteApps Instagram widget allows you to present your profile on your website and brings your photos directly above your site's content.

Or you can also select a specific hashtag on Instagram, this can be useful for certain product pages, or to add some life to part of your site's content. You can even install different hashtags for different content.
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#11 - Increase conversions by generating attention to your buttons.

Levarage the primitive human "lizard brain" to bring attention to your call-to-action buttons and increase your clicks.

We evolved from a species that spent tens of thousands of years avoiding predators. When we were living in the jungle, and we saw a flushing of leaves or another movement cue, our brain reacted to this.

Add movement to your call-to-action buttons - a simple blink, wiggle or bob will draw your site visitor's attention.
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#12 - Easily test your website's primary call-to-action

Live A/B testing is arguably the most scientific strategy you can use for conversion rate optimization. Nothing better than identifying what really sells more than your actual users in the real environment. And probably the call-to-action (CTA) button - "Sign-Up", "Buy Now" or "Learn More" - is one of the most important elements to test.

But creating an A/B test can be a hassle. Use this application and Google Analytics to start using math & science to optimize your website.
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#13 - Increase your Facebook likes directly from your website.

Social networks are all about traction - and to get started you may need a push.

Before spending loads of money on Facebook ads and optimizing target audience, keywords, and creatives - let your website visitors do the marketing for you.

Your customers's social circles are full of prospects for your products and services - so offer a discount coupon or even a free service to tap into their social networks.
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#14 - Learn what users are searching for on your site, but cannot find.

Search is critical for website navigation. If users do not find what they are looking for, they will get frustated and leave.

Do you know how many searches on your site have no results?

Learn how many searches bring up no results and what users are actually searching for and not finding.
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#15 - Does your site have ads? You are losing money! (learn how much)

Studies indicate that close to 25% of desktop users are now using a browser extension to block ads. That's a quarter of your revenue!

Install this app and learn the actual percentage of your site visitors with adblockers and how much ad inventory you are losing.

Or even go further, present a message that blocks your site's content to these visitors and request them to include your site in their whitelist.
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Source: PageFair

#16 - Have a lot of loyal/heavy users? Get keyboard shortcuts for your site.

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.

Offer shortcuts to commonly used navigation destinations on your site. Great way to send users back to the homepage, or goind directly to the search box, or even selected content.

Create shortcuts for your website right now, and make it easy for your visitors to really use your website.
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#17 - Enhance your checkout process - hide all unnecessary elements.

Many conversion optimization experts suggest what Amazon has done for decades: in the checkout process create a slippery slope and remove distraction from all elements that are not directly related to conclude the purchase.

Hide elements such as your navitation menu and footer links from critical conversion pages without any changes to your ecommerce / CMS system.
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