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Google Analytics Enhancements
Collection of apps to enhance Google Analytics implementations on your web site.

AdBlock Analytics and Protector

Measure and react to users who's browsers are using some sort of ad-blocking mechanism (adblocker). Automatically send information to Google Analytics about the number of page views with blocked advertisements. Go even further and create a barrier that forces users to remove the ad blocker to view site content. Easily customize this message. To view ad blocked visits in your Google Analytics data, add this advanced segment: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=qe10BLipT164dppekdHcZQ

Do Not Track Header Metrics

Measure the impact of users visiting your website with the "Do Not Track" browser header in your web analytics solution. The "Do Not Track" is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out of tracking by websites they do not visit, including analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms - straight from the browser. Create an advanced segment in Google Analytics for this data by importing this segment: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=mYrrot17RN2xfnrX6UGVQA Read more here: http://donottrack.us/

Easy GA Track Event

Do you need or want to add a new Google Analytics trackEvent? Oh my God, it is too complicated! All the time you have to deploy your application with the trackEvent code!! But now, you don't!! You can install this app and with just a couple of click you have the track event running in your website. Seems magic? All you need is to have SiteApps and GA tag installed.

GA Advanced Content Analytics

How many people are *REALLY* reading your content? The default content tracking content in Google Analytics is fairly straight forward. Using the standard page tag you can get all sorts of information like time on page, bounce rate and pageviews. But sometimes this is not enough. For publishers and minor bloggers (like your's truly) these metrics can be sub-optimal. One way to get more detailed information regarding how much the customers are absorbing the content: Time on site and bounce rate are the standard measurement, and time is highly inaccurate unless you use event tracking. To track whether users are really reading using event tracking, you'd start an event when the person loads the page, a second event if the user starts to scroll, a third event when the user reaches the page footer, and a fourth even when the person gets to the very bottom of the page. The data for 'time on site' and 'bounce rate' will change drastically, and your information will become much more meaningful. This app is based on this article: http://cutroni.com/blog/2012/02/21/advanced-content-tracking-with-google-analytics-part-1/ For further information, please see video here: http://online-behavior.com/googleanalytics/next-level-analytics

GA Content Experiments A/B Testing

Implement Google Analytics Content Experiments straight from SiteApps without any site code changes. Enhance your optimization strategy and apply only specific user segments to experiments.

Keyword Rank on Google Analytics (SEO)

Get keyword rankings into your Google Analytics reports! Wouldn't it be nice to know the position of your organic keywords that the visitors to your site clicked on Google Search? With this App, you get a brand new Custom Variable report with all this data to help you build up and analyze the performance of your SEO strategy!

Log JavaScript errors with GA

Use Google Analytics to monitor JavaScript errors that occur in your visitors' browsers. Even with all the testing, it is impossible to validate all platforms and conditions, what makes it hard to guarantee that no exception occurs for your users. With this App you can accompany in which pages (and even lines) JavaScript errors occur. And with Google Analytics reports, find out the browser version and which pages the user has visited until the error. That is, besides a complete error log, this App will help you reproduce and solve them.

Objective of Visit Survey

Ask users what the objective of their visit is and integrate this data with Google Analytics (GA). Please note that this app only works with the new asynchronous GA tag, and only with the default _gaq variable definition. Data will be written to the first Custom Variable on a Visitor level, an event called "Visit type feedback" is generated for segmentation. Do make sure that you only ask visitors to respond once to this by using the SiteApps frequency control.

Social Media Network Detector

Identify which social network your web site visitor's are connected to. Integrates with Google Analytics by creating custom variables identifying if your user's are logged into Facebook, Twitter, Google and Google+. INSTALLATION TIPS: We do suggest limiting this app to 1 execution per visit in the "how" tag within the app config in SiteApps. To grab Facebook data, you must first create a Facebook app. Follow these steps (it takes 2 minutes): 1) Login to Facebook 2) Visit https://developers.facebook.com/apps 3) Select the "Create New App" in the upper right corner. 4) Name your app in "App Display Name" (may we suggest "Detector"). Check the box to agree with Facebook’s policies and on to the next page 5) Enter your domain name in both the "App Domain” and "Website" sections and then save changes 6) Copy the "App ID" from the top of the page This app is based on a *great* article by Tom Anthony: http://www.tomanthony.co.uk/blog/detect-visitor-social-networks/

The True time on site

Get a more precise time that your visitors spend on your site! Due to the way Google Analytics calculates total visit time, this metric sometimes get compromised in certain sites (such as blogs). Google's official documentation shows how this calculation is done: http://goo.gl/epLv2 This APP provides Google Analytics more information (through Events), and this way it's calculation becomes more precise.