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  • Add a flying bird to your site
  • Call attention to your Twitter presence from your site
  • Increase your Twitter follower count

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Have a twitter bird flying through your site following the user as he scrolls your webpage. If the user places the pointer over the flying bird, options to follow or to tweet are available.

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Categories: Content, Social Media

Latest review: July 22nd, 2014

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Current version: 1.7 (View change log)

Developed by: Joseph Wilmer

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mukhtar (2014-11-29 12:52:55)

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sffood23 (2014-09-18 22:07:00)

I used this app for about 5 months and really like it. It's cute. However, I'm not the one on my site reading content, and as of today, five people have contacted me telling me it's irritating. Ahhh well.... I've deleted it, but for what it's worth, it was very cute. :)

andyman (2014-09-07 03:29:00)


Joseph Wilmer (2014-07-22 14:17:59)

The twitter bird now is clickable. Thanks guys.

islam mcneal (2014-05-14 10:24:37)

I am having the same problem as Ricky

Ricky (2014-04-15 05:48:55)

Every time I click on the bird I get redirected to Why do I get forwarded to a hashtag? How do I fix this? Please help soon.

christine paquette (2014-03-24 16:01:01)

Love this little birdie! Gonna add him to all my clients websites that have twitter! HE IS SO CUTE :) Christine,

Miranda Ostermeier (2013-08-22 21:54:51)

So cute! A definite attention getter! :)

Rossy (2013-05-26 06:15:50)

Excellent thanks

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