Main Features

  • Add a sticky note to your site
  • Inform users of latest news
  • Create customized and segmented greetings

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Add sticky notes to your website with a custom message. The sticky note looks just like a post-it note.

Technical Information:

Categories: Alerts, Content, Layout

Latest review: October 9th, 2013

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Current version: 2.9 (View change log)

Developed by: Carlos Galvao

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Radulescu Mihai (2015-12-31 14:30:53)

Echipa ToateAnimalele va ureaza La Multi Ani !

healthly (2015-11-22 06:45:12)


Dreamz Ultimate (2014-11-05 07:33:17)

Best app for information our Consumers.....!!!

Hammas (2014-07-26 12:38:53)

good work visit my site

smailnz (2014-05-28 08:36:08)

didn't work for me either.

Leandro Lages Faria (2013-05-01 05:26:50)

Great app!

Craig (2013-02-21 02:09:27)

Great idea, too bad it didn't work for me. Nothing shows up.

Steve (2013-02-20 20:26:09)

It seems to work fine our website at

Gisela Gaab (2012-12-16 14:10:50)

nothing showing up

Brian Clifton (2012-07-06 14:33:45)

Similar issue for me - installed app, nothing shows...

Al Casavales (2012-06-28 04:25:28)

It worked great in the demo but nothing shows up on the site after the app was installed.

Liron (2011-11-12 23:28:42)

Uploaded the code to my site just before the but nothing shows up

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