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  • Easiest way for customers to tell you what they think
  • Highly customizable and works on every site
  • Get technical details of bugs and problems

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Visitor feedback is probably one of the most important parts of customer development. Your site must have an easy, immediate way for users to contact you.

The Site Feedback app allows any website to easily implement a way for users to get in touch on every webpage. You will receive an email every time a user wants to contact you with information about the feedback and technical details of that visitor.

Features include:
* color customization
* complete control over feedback type
* positioning and behavior options

For the techies: add custom data to your email by using the variable: _sa_feedback_var

Technical Information:

Categories: Analytics, Feedback, Widgets

Latest review: September 4th, 2014

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Current version: 4.8 (View change log)

Developed by: SiteApps

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Goozen O Site dos conhecimentos Concretos (2015-09-09 04:41:09)

Estou na especta ativa vontade de que este site seja um irmão do Google em acessos pela internet! Farei de tudo para criar o site mais popular do mundo para o público racional, cientista e pessoas de todas as crenças e culturas. Que, seja o melhor site-escola deste mundo!

Romeochat (2015-07-14 22:22:43)

chat and date

gabriel sette (2015-05-16 13:49:54)

eu achei muito legal porque a gente pode colocar varios aps gratis

ausvrcom (2015-05-13 07:50:44)

Very neat and fits on my website nicely. Only problem is the feedback button is being displayed twice: see Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Sasa Stjepanovic (2014-12-27 15:17:43)

Does not send emails!!!

thetalks (2014-11-21 05:34:49)

Looks nice, pops up, lets the user write a comment, but then doesn't deliver them to me :-( Tried with several different emails. Tried with users who do and don't provide an email address. It just eats the messages :-(

Account Del 47077 (2014-11-19 20:03:18)

Boa tarde, prezados/as Gostaria de saber para onde vai as mensagem enviadas pelo site. Obrigado

gwen (2014-11-07 14:58:04)

Hello, takes comments, but doesn't send me the emails.

Marina Natali (2014-10-18 15:56:16)

takes comments, but doesn't send me the emails.

ovositebd (2014-09-26 00:05:32)


Account Del 42440 (2014-09-10 10:25:03)


worldce4 (2014-01-23 15:10:02)

Its a good application

Mark (2014-01-16 03:23:22)

Lovin' this app at at

exreview (2014-01-05 16:16:19)

This app, for lack of a better term, is F***ing Awesome!!! Super easy to implement, and works great (I just tested it out live.) I'm really excited to have it!

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