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  • Sharing content thourgh multiple social portals

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ShareThis app allows you to share your contents through more than 50+ social channels. Additionally it allows you to monitor sharing statistics through ShareThis account.

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Categories: 3rd Party Tags, Social Media, Widgets

Latest review: September 13th, 2012

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Current version: 1.1 (View change log)

Developed by: Arturs Sosins

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TowerBeacon (2014-11-13 15:26:34)

Please repair this app. It is inserting extra characters into the Credit tag. Here is an example of the app not working properly and inserting extra info. >> - See more at: - See more at: << Note the extra info >>#sthash.TrjCj5RL.dpuf<< and the duplicated credit URL. Ugh. Please fix this.

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