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  • Learn if users are actually reading your content
  • Rank top "read" pages, not only most visited
  • Gain better reading time metrics

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How many people are *REALLY* reading your content?

The default content tracking content in Google Analytics is fairly straight forward. Using the standard page tag you can get all sorts of information like time on page, bounce rate and pageviews.

But sometimes this is not enough. For publishers and minor bloggers (like your's truly) these metrics can be sub-optimal.

One way to get more detailed information regarding how much the customers are absorbing the content: Time on site and bounce rate are the standard measurement, and time is highly inaccurate unless you use event tracking.

To track whether users are really reading using event tracking, you'd start an event when the person loads the page, a second event if the user starts to scroll, a third event when the user reaches the page footer, and a fourth even when the person gets to the very bottom of the page. The data for 'time on site' and 'bounce rate' will change drastically, and your information will become much more meaningful.

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