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  • Understand why your users are exiting your site
  • Gain insights on what needs to be improved
  • Identify the visitor’s real sentiment

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Your visitors are exiting your website but they are not telling you why they are leaving. Visitor feedback is your goldmine which you can prospect for optimization ideas. With this app, you can now request a quick + simple feedback on why users are abandoning your site.

This app sends information to Google Analytics through events. The data structure is:

* event category - "siteapps_507_exitsurvey"
* event action - the actual question
* event label - the actual answer

Also you can receive the answers via email.

For the techies: add custom data to your email by using the variable: _sa_feedback_var

Technical Information:

Categories: Analytics, Feedback

Latest review: July 29th, 2014

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Current version: 4.2 (View change log)

Developed by: SiteApps

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danie640 (2016-12-28 23:42:22)

I have installed but it won't let me submit when the screen pops up and a selection is made, which sucks because this would have been awesome to have on my website.

bamboeh1 (2016-04-16 17:46:27)

works perfect! Also on my SSL

theball4 (2016-02-28 14:54:16)

To bad this does not work with SSL or is it just the demo does not work because it would be nice to see.

leandrol (2014-06-04 16:11:11)

When the mouse is near the address bar or the close button.

dagobear (2014-03-21 07:06:29)

Same question than Tony : how can we define that the survey opens only when visitors are closing the window without making a purchase?

Tony (2014-03-15 05:38:28)

Hi! What time does the survey fire? How does it know that the visitor is leaving?

Mark (2014-01-16 03:21:44)

We love this app and its insights at

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