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  • Generate more traffic from content copied from your site.
  • Add your site's URL and a custom message.

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This app automatically adds a custom message of the URL of your website as the source of the copied content. This is great to bring your website to shared content.

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Categories: Content, Optimization, Social Media

Latest review: April 24th, 2014

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Current version: 1.7 (View change log)

Developed by: SiteApps

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cityandl (2015-08-13 15:22:45)

Thank you! Finally something will help me with

DiTway.Com (2015-06-21 07:59:55)

wow! this very wonderful because "Copy & Paste Credit Injector" is working apps

TowerBeacon (2014-10-14 14:56:41)

Great idea, just needs polishing. Why does this app add extraneous extension to the credit url? It adds this to our url- #sthash.9yldPrnR.dpuf

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