Main Features

  • Learn about lost ad revenue
  • Measure page views with ad blockers
  • Warn users to turn off the ad blocker to view your content (optional)

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Measure and react to users who's browsers are using some sort of ad-blocking mechanism (adblocker). Automatically send information to Google Analytics about the number of page views with blocked advertisements.

Go even further and create a barrier that forces users to remove the ad blocker to view site content. Easily customize this message.

To view ad blocked visits in your Google Analytics data, add this advanced segment:

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Categories: Analytics, Advertising, Alerts

Latest review: November 18th, 2013

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Current version: 2.5 (View change log)

Developed by: Tru Coder

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Daniel Santiago (2013-04-01 17:55:28)

Nice app!

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